Steps To Use iTube Music Downloader App on Android

In this post, I gonna tell you how you can download free music using the iTube app. I will not discuss it downloading & Installing procedure as I have already posted the ultimate guide on downloading iTube on the homepage. You can also Install iTube application on your iOS device from this post.

What Am I going to tell? I will explain to you each and every single step to download free music using iTube Pro on your Android device on this post. Images are also attached to make it clear to any I Tube user. So, let’s look at the steps for using I Tube as the best music downloader of cache videos from YouTube.

Image of itube application

Step By Step Guide To Use iTube As Music Downloader On Android

  • Downloading & Installing: You can download iTube from our blog. Visit the home page.
  • Understanding the User Interface: iTube application consists Search button, Top 100 video songs list, Children Music, & Blues.
  • Search the Song: Using the search option, enter your song or artist name and click on search. This step is to find Youtube videos to download as MP3 music to Android.
  • Select from the YouTube-powered search results and the cache will be saved as MP3 Song on your mobile.
  • You can switch the Video to audio mode while the video was playing.
  • MP3 Cache files can be found on the MP3 logo window of iTube.

Alternative Method of Saving Mp3 From YouTube Videos

There is always a need for having the best songs on our mobiles to entertain ourselves. You can directly download MP3 songs from various free download sites. When you want to convert YouTube videos to MP3 songs, you should follow the below procedure.

  1. Search the video you want to convert to MP3 song. Open it on Youtube.
  2. Right click on the video and copy the Video URL.
  3. Now, visit and paste the copied URL on the search option.
  4. Enter the information of the MP3 song to save.
  5. Click convert now option. Later save the .MP3 file to your Android mobile.

The time taking will depend on the video length and the KBPS you have chosen. Once the converting completed, download button will appear on the screen. This procedure is recommended on your Computers. You can find the downloaded songs on downloads window or your specific location where you wanted to save them.

Later, you can use Data cable to transfer to Android mobile you want. You can also directly try this process on smartphones. Hope you found it helpful!

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