Game Killer Apk Free Download 2020 (Latest Version)

Game Killer Apk for Android Download: Game Killer apk can help you get unlimited gems, coins, gold, or anything you want in any game. All of us love to play games on our Android Devices. These games have taken us that wild that we want unlimited coins, gems, gold or whatever on which the game runs.

Unfortunately, Game Killer APK is not available on Google Play Store but still, we can get it for our Android Devices through the Official website or any mirror App download site. Game Killer doesn’t only helps you to get unlimited gems, coins and, gold but can also be used to patch the game.

Game Killer Apk
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Game Killer Apk v5.20 for Android Download Now :

Patching the game means that you can even unlock any premium features of the game for free. But the only conclusion drawn to Download Game Killer Apk on your Android Device is that your Device must be rooted. If you still don’t have a rooted device but are interested in Download GameKiller Apk then you can continue reading to know how you can root your Android Mobile to install GameKiller on your Device. Before we move to the process, Do you know that Gamekiller App has many features which you should read, some of them are mentioned below.

Features Of Game Killer App

  • In this latest version of the Game killer, all the bugs found in previous versions are fixed.
  • While you play any game. Clicking on the Game Killer icon would bring up the app on the screen.
  • If you’re using a repaired number then you can even lock the game value.
  • There are many features that are not mentioned anywhere in the app. One of them is the Hex Edit.
  • You can search the number of gems, coins and gold a game can handle and much more.

Things You Need To Know About The Application

  • While playing any game you can face issues like “Application Not Responding” or maybe you get some problems like lagging of game, the sudden closure of the app or even your phone can freeze in the middle of playing games.
  • A rooted Android Device is one of the major things which should be considered, If you don’t have a rooted phone then you must first root your Mobile using the steps mentioned below in the article.
  • It does not work for many online games such as Hay Day, Teen Patti, and much more available on the Play Store.

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How-To Root Android Mobile Device For Game Killer Apk

Rooting Android Mobile Device means loosing of your Mobile’s warranty. You can still avail of the warranty by unrooting your mobile from the app discussed below. But rooting Android Device can also help you increase the speed of your Phone, you can also increase your Phone Storage by removing the company installed unwanted apps and many more things but currently, we only want to root Android device to Download Gamekiller Apk. For the process of rooting please refer below:-

  • Step 1: First, You will be required to Download Framaroot APK from here.
  • Step 2: Once you have downloaded the app. You will need to open it.
  • Step 3: But before you open the app. Click the link and download SuperSu from there.
  • Step 4: After you have downloaded both of the application. Please make sure to open the Framaroot app before proceeding for the next step.
  • Step 5: Now, Inside Framaroot. Select SuperSu named selection from the drop-down menu and click on Root.
  • Step 6: Once the root process is started you phone will flash 2-3 times. After the process is completed with a successful message, Restart your device to complete the process.

After restarting, your Android Device will be successfully rooted and now you proceed to Download Game Killer App on your Android Mobile Device.

Download Game Killer Apk For Android Devices!

As mentioned above Game Killer App is not available on Google Play Store so we will need to First enable “Allow Installations From Unknown Sources”. If you have already enabled the same then you may directly move to the installation guide otherwise continue reading the post. You can find the guide to enable “Allow Installations From Unknown Sources” Below:-

  • Step 1: First, You will need to open Settings on your Android Device.
  • Step 2: Inside Settings, find for Privacy or Security. Open it
  • Step 3: In Security scroll down to “Allow Installations From Unknown Sources” and double tap on it to enable it.
  • Step 4: Once enabled move to the Download Process mentioned just below

Steps To Download Game Killer App

  • Step 1: First, You will need to download game killer app from their official website or any mirror site. If you are not able to find any working links then you can click here to start your download.
  • Step 2: After successfully downloading the Apk, Click on the downloaded file to install it on your Phone. Remember before this you must unblock “Installations From Unknown Sources”. If you haven’t done yet then follow the steps given above.
  • Step 3: After you have installed the application you will need to open it.
  • Step 4: Once, you open the app it will ask for Root Permission. Simply allow the root access from the popup which comes to the screen.
  • Step 5: After granting root access to Game Killer App. You will need to restart the app if your phone becomes slow otherwise if it seems to be running well then you can follow the guide given below to know how to use the app for Unlimited Coins, Gems and Gold.

How To Use Game Killer Apk

  • Step 1: First, you will need to Launch Game Killer Apk and minimize it. Remember just minimize it, don’t close the app.
  • Step 2: Look for coins, gems, or gold value you have in the game. Note them and open Game Killer again.
  • Step 3: Select the game and Type in the number of gems, coins, or gold you have and let the game killer app search for maximum number of Gems, Coins or Gold which can be there in the app.
  • Step 4: After the search is complete make sure that you change the current value of the gems, coins, or gold you entered in Game Killer to make changes in your Game.
  • Step 5: Now, close Game Killer and the app game(if you have kept it open).
  • Step 6: After completing the above steps. Open the game in which you wanted to increase coins, gems, and gold. You will see the change. Remember it doesn’t work for online games so it’s useless if you’re using Game Killer Apk for online games.


So, This was a Tutorial on, Game Killer APK. You can find out the working, specifications and downloading of the application. If you have some queries then you can comment below.

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